Cysts are enclosed sacs located within the body, with their distinctive features determined by their location and the composition of the lining membrane.

Three common types of skin cysts include epidermal (sebaceous) cysts, trichilemmal (pilar) cysts, and milia.

  • An epidermal cyst is a mobile nodule with normal skin covering, often found in areas like the face, ears, neck, back, and scalp. It contains a white cheesy substance made of broken-down keratin, originating from clogged hair follicles or penetrating injuries.
  • Trichilemmal cysts, also known as wens, resemble epidermal cysts but are more common on the scalp and tend to be thicker walled. They can be removed if they become problematic to prevent recurrence.
  • Milia are small, firm,  whitish lesions mostly seen around the eyes. These can be seen in adults as well as in newborns and infants.

Treatments For Cysts

If cysts are troublesome, they can be treated through injections, extractions, or surgical removal, depending on their size and type.