Angiomas are harmless, small red benign growths of blood vessels on your skin. There are various types. Including cherry angiomas and spider angiomas. Cherry angiomas often appear after the age of 30 and can occur anywhere on the body. Spider angiomas are more prevalent in children and pregnant women but can occur in anyone. These lesions are harmless but can be removed cosmetically if desired.

Treatments For Angiomas

Forever Young+ BBL

Forever Young+ BBL introduces an innovative technology that specifically focuses on light therapy to address aging and sun damage signs, resulting in a more revitalized, refreshed, and youthful look. It offers fast treatment sessions, improved outcomes, and a pleasant experience with integrated cooling crystals. With the BBL HERO system, we can address aging skin using Forever Young+ BBL, treat acneic skin with Forever Clear BBL, and target larger body areas with Forever Body BBL. Forever Young+ BBL effectively addresses various skin conditions by eliminating age spots, freckles, redness, small vessels, and more for overall skin rejuvenation.

Electrodesiccation and Curettage (ED&C)

Scraping or burning off skin growths, also known as electrodesiccation and curettage, is a method employed for less severe skin cancers, pre-cancers, and benign growths. The procedure involves injecting a local anesthetic, followed by scraping off the abnormal tissue using a specialized tool. The area is then cauterized to stop bleeding. If the growth is cancerous, this process may be repeated. The wound requires dressing until it heals, often leaving a small white mark.


Electrocautery is a method that utilizes heat generated by an electric current to eliminate abnormal tissue like tumors or lesions. It can also help manage bleeding during surgical procedures or post-injury. An electrode is positioned on or close to the tissue, allowing the electric current to pass through and heat the tip of the electrode to burn or eradicate the tissue. This technique falls under the category of electrosurgery and is known by various names like electrocoagulation, electrofulguration, and fulguration.